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The Founder Members;  Simon Duringer, John Winstanley, Stephen Jansen, Randolph Booth, Adam Digman.
Honorary Member/s; Barry Durham.

Simon Duringer

Simon Duringer TCC

Simon Duringer was educated at Mostyn House School in Cheshire and became involved in writing from an early age. At the age of 13, under duress he was torn away from playing tennis and made to enter the school writing competition which he subsequently won. But to this day he blames said competition for only making the second pair in the school tennis team!

A self-confessed geek, Simon has a passion for mathematics and thoroughly abused that knowledge from an early age by writing probabilities for those playing the school masters at pontoon (21) and poker. Not that he believes in blame culture, but it could be deduced that his success at winning sweets at cards during his formative years has contributed to his six pack transforming prematurely into a one pack! His book How do I win on a lottery ? The Top 20 Lotto Systems became a number #1 amazon bestseller in its genre…

A writer of many genres, he writes under his real name although has written previously under a heavily guarded pseudonym. Simon is probably better known for his award winning interviews with other authors rather than for his own books, Simon Duringer has self published Two compilation books; The Word: The Best of Simon’s 10Q Interviews and The Word: Volume 2 but nonetheless enjoys scribbling, has also published the thriller Stray Bullet and thoroughly enjoys creating tales that chill, thrill and entertain. He is currently working on the sequel to Stray Bullet; Phoenix which he aims to complete in 2015.

Simon Duringer – UK Amazon Author Page
Simon Duringer – US Amazon Author Page

John Winstanley

John Winstanley TCC

John Winstanley was born in Devon, England to a talented musician and pianist. Having moved to Lancashire his autobiography Unsigned Unscene reveals his discovery of the music world during adulthood. At middle age his musical interests were fired up by the noughties version of Punk. He became a music journalist, radio DJ, gig and festival promoter. Between 2002 and 2007 he encouraged local musicians and became a popular band manager. John also became an agent for music venues and owned a record business.
He now shares his experiences for those active and looking for entry into the music business through his autobiography Unsigned Unscene. He shares information about the music and musicians whose talent have impacted his life.

John Winstanley remains active in the music scene in the UK and remains a regular interviewee within local, national and international media. He is an active member within several author groups and when he can’t be found down the local hostelry enjoying a local brew, it is usually because he is assisting other authors and musicians forward their careers.
Unsigned Unscene is a book about music and musicians suitable for a worldwide audience, especially those currently attempting to enter the music scene.

John Winstanley – UK Amazon Author Page
John Wimstanley – US Amazon Author Page

Stephen Jansen

Steve Jansen TCC

Stephen Jansen is a freelance writer of screenplays, novels and plays. He co owned the Chance Factory Ltd theatre company between 2004 and 2007 during which three plays were performed live at the Buxton and Edinburgh Festivals. His play, A Murder of Crows, played in Germany in May 2014, and a play about the romances of zombies is playing in Australia from Halloween 2014.

Stephen is signed to the UK Trade and Investment Media Consultancy in the UK and the Ahn & Simrock Verlag theatre agency in Hamburg. He has been published in the Los Angeles based Powys Media Space 1999 anthology Shepherd Moon and has five novels for sale on Amazon;
The Light From Dead Stars, Chronophobia Dossier 1: Jagged Lihjtning, Chronophobia Dossier 2: Fracture, Chronophobia Dossier 3: Visible Night.

Stephen Jansen has also worked as a researcher for the UK TV show Most Haunted and written a novel based on the touring experiences of ex Hawkwind bass and keyboard player Harvey Bainbridge.

Some of his freelance work comes from the Elance website and at present includes a Horror screenplay for a client in America. Stephen Jansen has also worked as a Screenwriting lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

He cannot sleep!

Stephen Jansen – UK Amazon Author Page


Chris Martin is an Adlington-based playwright and novelist who ‘defected’ across the Pennines from Yorkshire in 2000. Having taught Drama and English for over 20 years, in 2013 Chris decided to take a part-time position in order to fulfil his aspirations as a writer. Whilst teaching at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton Chris Martin started to write murder-mystery plays which were performed annually as PTA fundraisers. The popularity of such evens inspired Chris to start to market them to a wider audience. Through his website Chris now sells his 14 paly titles nationally and internationally, and with between 100 and 150 separate performances of his plays every year Chris feels that he is justified in calling himself ‘Britain’s foremost provider of murder-mystery scripts’.

Following the success of his play writing Chris Martin shifted his focus into prose, specifically teenage fiction. Combining his knowledge of ‘mystery stories’ and ‘education’ the character Inky Stevens the Great School Detective was born. This series of books focuses on a mysterious, reclusive young man who offers his services to his school community to help solves complex (and dangerous) mysteries. The books are gothic in tone yet still maintain a comic edge as Inky endeavours to bend the (school) rules in order to reach a conclusion.

Chris Martin – UK Amazon Author Page

About Simon

author_imgEducated at Mostyn House School in Cheshire; Simon became involved in writing from an early age. By 13 he had won his first writing competition.

A colourful past to say the least, Simon has owned his own businesses, been an award winning salesman, served his country in the Royal Air Force and managed control rooms; above the ground, below the ground, on the ground and on the sea both within the public and private sectors.

He has written numerous articles for corporate and services magazines and professionally conducted hundreds of product reviews. Having acted as a Corporate Communications Deputy Manager and spent a brief period as the Operations Manager for an Internationally Acclaimed and award winning Search Engine Optimisation Company, Simon fully understands the need of businesses to get their names across the net. More importantly, he knows how to achieve this!

Having self published four books, all of which achieved Top #10 status in their chosen genre on both sides of the Atlantic, Simon feels well placed to help others achieve success with their own writing careers.

In 2013, it became apparent to Simon that due to the advent of self publishing methods and the ease at which authors can take their work to market, a skills gap has emerged in the field of representation and promotion of this new and exciting tier within the publishing sector.

Simons 10 Q Interviews and the feature Rambling On… on the website blog go some way to address that gap by interviewing and promoting the works of both Traditionally published and Independently published Authors across multiple social networking platforms…

To learn what other methods Simon employs… Well, you’ll need to touch base with Simon directly!

Simons 10 Q Interviews was initially set up in September 2013 and gained national recognition on becoming a finalist in the UK National Blogging Awards 2014.
Finalist in the UK National Blog Awards 2014

Simon’s interests include; writing, mathematics and puzzles and as such he seamlessly delivers his readers the unexpected and enjoys taking on what others deem as the impossible within both his writing, research and beyond.

If you wish to discuss the promotion of your book then please contact Simon using the form on the Contact Me page.


Simon, was recently a guest for an entire show on Chorley FM, why not listen to the edited version. Adverts have been removed there are still some musical interludes to enhance your listening pleasure! Lol… Simon Duringer “A version” of an author!

This week (15/10/2014) I was privileged to be interviewed by Bestselling Author Denise Kahn in her Sweet Sixteen Feature. Get along and give it a read Here’s the link;
Denise Kahn Interviews Simon Duringer

This week (30/09/2014) Bestselling author Susan Wingate posted an excerpt from Stray Bullet on her blog. Why not get along and have a read! Here’s the link;
Simon Duringer on Susan Wingate’s blog

I ventured out and got myself interviewed this week (24/09/2014) by Frances di Plino. Find out 10 facts about Simon Duringer using the following link;
Author Frances di Plino interviews Author and interviewer Simon Duringer

Whilst being a prolific interviewer, Simon is rarely himself interviewed. You can read a recent interview conducted by the Independent Author Network by clicking on the following link;
The interviewer interviewed by The Independent Author Network

Independent Author Network

An active member of Social Media, Simon believes in the concept of Authors helping Authors and is a member of The Independent Author Network. Why not visit his IAN Author page;
Simon Duringer Gold Member of the Independent Author Network

Independent Author Network

Simon recently joined the Booklife website operated by Publishers weekly. You can see Simon’s page by clicking on the following link – Simon at Booklife

If you would like to learn more about Simon, why not listen to his interview with Preston FM;

Simon was interviewed by author Matt Posner (Author) early in 2014. This interview became the Epilogue of Simon’s latest book The Word – The Best of Simon’s 10 Q Interviews (Volume 1) and can be read by clicking on the following link;
Simon Duringer interview with author Matt Posner

Here are some press releases and stories about Simon’s work (Click on blue links to follow);

Sunday 13 July 2014 –

These two releases on 11 July, I particularly enjoyed the PR Log Press Release which captures everything I was trying to achieve with The Word, but they’re both worth a look!

Friday 11 July 2014 – Via PR

Friday 11 July 2014 – Via

Friday 11 July 2014 – Simon featured on Sallie Lundy-Frommer’s Book Review blog

Wednesday 02 July 2014 – Chorley Guardian

Sunday 09 February 2014 – Lancashire Evening Press

Thursday 06 February 2014 – HighBeam Research

January 2014 – The Online Author’s Database recognised Simon’s efforts and he became a Top 50 Author on a number of occasions. Click on the following link to view – Simon’s Author DB listing


11 July 2013 –

11 July 2013 –

13 May 2013 –

08 May 2013 –

28 April 2013 – Chorley Citizen


The Word Volume I by Simon DuringerThe Word – Volume 1 is a compilation of the best of Simon’s 10Q Interviews. With a collection of 28 interviews from prize winning authors, screenwriters, publishers and directors. The Word will not fail to entertain as it takes celebrities through their best and darkest moments, poses them in difficult and challenging situations and allows their writing to assist them in their escape. Some reviews and comments about the book are as follows…

“Author/interviewer/well-known UK blogger Simon Duringer doesn’t ask cookie-cutter questions of his interview subjects. Clearly, he takes the time to consider just the right set of questions for each individual, thus providing readers with informative and compelling comments from the talented and well-known interviewees…” Laura Taylor (The Warrior Series)

“Okay, I admit I’m in it, but even if I weren’t I’d still tell you it’s the best collection of author interviews since the Paris Review…” Jake Needham (The Big Mango, Jack Shepphard Series)

“A Fascinating insight into the minds of some bestselling authors.” Leigh Russell, #1 Bestseller on Kindle (Geraldine Steel series)

“Provocative questions as entertaining as the responses are revealing…” Josephine Bailey, Actress, AUDIE Winning Narrator, Author (Hotey)

Available to buy now in Paperback or for the Kindle

Click here to buy the Paperback now from the UK! (also available for the Kindle):amazon_btn

Click here to buy the Paperback now from the USA! (also available for the Kindle):amazon_btn

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The Word Volume II by Simon DuringerThe Word – Volume 2 is a new compilation configured with the best of Simon’s 10Q Interviews (post Volume 1). With a collection of 36 NEW interviews from prize winning authors, screenwriters, publishers and directors.

“This has been the most fun interview I’ve ever participated in. Sorry to insult anyone else but, really.” Susan Wingate

Available to buy now exclusively to Kindle

Don’t have a Kindle? Get your Free Kindle Reader for PC or MAC from the following link FREE KINDLE APP

Click here to buy the Paperback now from the UK! (also available for the Kindle):amazon_btn

StrayBullet_SimonDuringerStray Bullet is the debut book in a new series of Thrillers based around the characters of Harvey Walters and Jack Shaw…A police detective wakes up in a hospital bed with a bullet wound to the chest and an impaired memory. Told he’s a hero, somehow he doesn’t feel heroic despite saving the Vatican envoy’s life…

When his parents are killed in a car accident, Jack Shaw’s devastation leads him down a path of self destruction; until an unconventional friend comes knocking and lures him into a world  where he can learn to live again whilst exorcising his inner demons…

As Jack and Harvey’s paths cross, a dark secret is revealed, a secret which will endanger their lives…

Available to buy now in Paperback or for the Kindle

Click here to buy the Paperback now from the UK! (also available for the Kindle):amazon_btn

Click here to buy the Paperback now from the USA! (also available for the Kindle):amazon_btn

Click here to buy The Kindle version now from Canada! :amazon_btn

lotto_mainIn a period of austerity, paycuts and rising unemployment it seems ironic that the sales of lottery tickets appear to buck the downward trend and lottery operators continue to report record sales growth…It is for this reason that Lotto Systems feel now is the time to assist lottery player in achieving success with their lottery by sharing the top 20 lotto beating systems, enabling players to make wiser number choices based upon half a decade of statistical analysis that spans the entire history of the UK National Lottery.These systems all devised in house have assisted those at Lotto Systems to win hundreds of prizes in a few short years.Buy the book now and quickly see the benefits of changing those randomly generated unlucky numbers into; well chosen, adrenalin busting, regular money winning numbers.

Available to buy now in Paperback or for the Kindle

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Click here to buy the Paperback now from the USA! (also available for the Kindle):amazon_btn

Click here to buy the Kindle version now from Canada! :amazon_btn


SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)… Oh what a mine field I hear you all groan. Well, yes., I am not going to argue with you!

This is why I spend a fortune on licencing through a top SEO company to ensure my posts are visible across all the Search Engines… Here are a few of the results, but don’t be fooled, this is just a few that I took on a screen shot this morning…

Rankings #SEO

What does Search Engine Optimisation mean to you? It is how you, in Search engines rank towards the top of search results, given the correct words, which in the above case is author names.

What does this mean? It means that for anybody searching across the internet for these people (in this case previous Simon’s 10 Q Interviewees) they will find my post bobbing in front of their eyes first.

Sadly, my bank manager wants me to share this art/skill with others (Nasty Man!!). So, I an now offering a FULL SEO service for authors. If you do not have an Amazon page I can create one for you, if you have a website with no traffic, I can assist you in getting some… and so on! This software costs a fortune and don’t be sucked in by those offering SEO services for free or cheaply, it simply doesn’t work… I’ve been at this game for many years and was the Operations Manager for the countries leading SEO company which used to charge its clients 5 and 6 figure annual numbers for these exact same services… SEO is gold dust. Let me help you sprinkle it on your books…

Here are a few of the services I can provide…


Don’t be shy. I can set up an Amazon author page for as little as £40 (or the US equivalent) with complete SEO service, I love working with authors and will assist you in getting the exposure your book deserves. I can’t promise that people will like your work, but can promise they’ll get the opportunity to judge it…

Get in touch now at and let’s have a decent conversation on how I might be able to help you in optimising your website. Budgets to suit all and payments easily made via paypal.

I look forward to speaking with you.



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