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Rita Chapman – Author

Rita Chapman was born in the United Kingdom and emigrated to Australia where she resides to this day. Rita is a self published author who writes thrillers and mystery novels.

Her first book Missing in Egypt was published in 2012 and she is soon to release her second novel Winston – A Horse’s Tale.

Rita has been blogging with me today and run the gauntlet of Simons 10 Q Interviews.

Rita Chapman - Author of 'Missing in Egypt'

Welcome to Simons 10 Q Interviews Rita Chapman….

SD Q1: Your Novel Missing in Egypt is based between Australia and Egypt. What drove you to choose these two locations for the book?

RC A1: A visit to Egypt inspired me to base my story there. It’s an amazing place, so different to anywhere else in the world and where new tombs are still being discovered today. It seemed like the perfect place to set a mystery and of course I love Australia.

SD Q2: It is said that there is a book in everybody. Whilst you are already working on your second novel, do you have a target in mind of how many you may write in the future?

RC A2: I have already started on my third book – a crime thriller. I would also like to do a follow-on book to Missing in Egypt. After that – who knows? Maybe I won’t be able to stop!

SD Q3: Now retired from your mainstream career, you previously worked within the political arena. What was the most shocking thing to cross your desk during your career and what made it so?

RC A3: The Chelmsford Private Hospital deep sleep therapy revelations. This was a local matter and it was discovered that 24 patients died from the treatment. Subsequently, a Royal Commission was held.

SD Q4: Born in the U.K. but now living in Australia, what was it that led you to emigrate?

RC A4: The thought of endless sunshine!

SD Q5: Your second book; Winston – A horse’s tale, is narrated by the horse (Winston). What led you to write in a different genre to your first novel and do you think readers of Missing in Egypt will also enjoy Winston?

RC A5: Winston – A Horse’s Tale is the book I had to write! I have always had a great love for horses and they have been a large part of my life. I had written the first few chapters but they were lost for many years with moves and the like. When I finally rediscovered the script and read the work back to myself I simply had to continue with it. It is really one for horse lovers and may not appeal so much to readers of Missing in Egypt. Hopefully though some will like my writing style and try it.

SD Q6: You say on your website that Winston is a book for horse lovers; In the next couple of weeks I will be interviewing Alex Cord, possibly the most respected horseman in Hollywood. Do you think Alex would enjoy reading Winston and what would you say to him to draw him into purchasing a copy?

RC A6: I will definitely look forward to reading Alex’s interview. I think people who love horses always enjoy reading about them, looking at them and talking about them. Alex might be interested in reading about the life of a horse in Australia, where the harsh climate can be challenging for the best of horses.

SD Q7: You agree to be dropped off at an Oasis to spend the rest of your days. Food and water are plentiful but there is no way across the desert back to civilisation. What three things would you choose to take along with you and why?

RC A7: First and foremost – my husband. I wouldn’t enjoy living there without him. Secondly, sunscreen to avoid sunburn and skin cancer. Thirdly I would say a notebook and pen so that I can keep writing – or is that four things?

SD Q8: What have you found to be the most difficult aspect of self publishing your first novel, what (if anything) will you do differently the second time around and why?

RC A8: Marketing and promotion, without a doubt. The second time around I would edit it at least one more time (making maybe 50 edits?) as I found annoying errors and re-published twice. I would also publish the paperback first and then the e-book as waiting for the proof (which I am doing now) is time-consuming.

SD Q9: How often do you write and how much do you tend to write in a single sitting?

RC A9: I don’t write anywhere near as often as I would like – I’m too busy marketing and promoting. Maybe I should just keep writing. Hopefully a really good book will make its own way in the world! I wrote Winston – A Horse’s Tale in three months as it was an easy one to write. Missing in Egypt was much longer and harder. When I do sit down to write I probably do a couple of chapters, but if I had a deadline I would write all day.

SD Q10: Your second Novel Winston is planned for completion by Christmas 2013. Where will readers be able to buy your books from and in what formats will it be made available?

RC A10: Winston – A Horse’s Tale will be released as a paperback through Amazons’ CreateSpace and as an e-book through Amazon and Smashwords. You can find out more information by visiting my website;

SD Comment: Rita Chapman, I thank you very much for taking time out to join me on Simon’s 10 Q Interviews. If you are looking for a thriller that draws you deep into the millenniums’ of Egyptian history why not try Rita’s book Missing in Egypt available on Amazon now.

Rita Chapman’s Missing in Egypt can be purchased by following the amazon link below;
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The Rita Chapman interview took place on 11 October 2013
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