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Stephen F Clegg

My next guest on Rambling On… is a nominee and finalist in the Peoples Book Prize 2013/14. Exciting times for this author as he braces himself for the results which will be published in May 2014.

So, let’s find out who’s up on Rambling On…
Stephen Clegg

Stephen F Clegg is published by Austin Macauley and has three published novels to his name; The Emergence of Malaterre, Maria’s Papers and The Matthew Chance Legacy. The latter two were nominated for awards and The Mathew Chance Legacy is shortlisted to the final three books in the Peoples Book Prize (outcome to be announced in May 2014).

So, without further ado, let’s find out which 10 of the 50 Rambling On… questions caught the eye of this exciting author and, more importantly, how he dealt with answering said questions…

Stephen F Clegg it’s over to you…

Q1: How long have you been writing and who were your key influencers?

A1: I have been writing all my adult life, but didn’t write a full-length novel until I was inspired by the true-life exploits of my great-great Aunt Maria and her quest to return an estate to family ownership in 1867. A quest that ended up with her being incarcerated in a lunatic asylum!.

Q2: Do you write under your real name or a pen name?

A2: I write under my real name.

Q3: What are you currently working on and why should readers buy it?

A3: I am currently writing my fifth novel, my third The Emergence of Malaterre is about to be released and I have been nominated for awards for my first two, so I hope that my growing band of enthusiastic readers will want to buy it!

Q4: What is your motivation for writing?

A4: My motivation for writing is my love of it, the ability to stretch my mind and learn new things, and to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Q5: Where does charity start for you and what have you done that might be considered charitable?

A5: Charity? I am an RYA Yachtmaster and my wife and I took disabled people on free sailing trips for eight years on a weekly basis. We also financially support several charities.

Q6: To Be or Not To Be…. What is your question?

A6: If I could visit anybody and ask a question, I would visit Samuel Taylor Coleridge and ask him if his genius was borne only out of his use of drugs!

Q7: What did you do when the first paperback with your name on it arrived?


A7: When my first paperback Maria’s Papers arrived I was amazed, because I hadn’t ever intended getting the story published. My chance encounter with an American Film Producer occurred when my wife and I were on holiday in Italy and we overheard him and his wife asking for details on how to get back to his hotel from a day trip to Capri. We offered them a lift in our hire car, and a friendship ensued. Over drinks one evening he learned about my novel. He asked to read it, and then weeks later informed me that he was a film producer and wanted my permission to write a film script for it. He then encouraged me to get it published this happened in 2012, and now my first two novels are being considered by the Sony Film Corporation.

Q8: How did you name the characters in your book?

A8: I name the characters in my books from real people I have known. They were nearly all special to me, except for the villains of course!

Q9: What is the highest award/nomination you have gained in your writing career to date?

A9: The highest nomination I have achieved for my writing to date is being one of three Finalists in The Peoples Book Prize 2013/14 for my second novel ‘The Matthew Chance Legacy’. The winner of which will be decided on 28th May this year.

Q10: When was your profile picture taken and why did you choose it?

A10: The attached profile picture was taken last Christmas at dinner with friends, and I chose it because it reflects my character, and I don’t ever want to come across as old and stuffy.

SD Comments – Many thanks Steve, I am sure everybody will be wishing you good luck for the announcement of the Peoples Book Prize, and of course best of luck with all of your writing for 2014 and beyond! Finalists of the Peoples Book Prize can be viewed by clicking on the following link; Finalists 2013/14

To watch and listen to Stephen reading excerpts from his books, scroll down the page to his video!

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Stephen F Clegg

The Stephen F Clegg interview took place on 28 April 2014.
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