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John Winstanley

All too often we forget the people that make a difference to our local communities. My next guest is a man that wanted to ensure that didn’t happen for the musicians lending their heart and soul to the trade…

Interested… You should be! So many musicians do not make it to the big time and very few know the story of their struggles trying to make the charts…

So, who is my next guest on Simon’s 10 q Interviews… Let’s find out!


John Winstanley… I might add looked over by his interviewer (Top Right) was around at my pad last week for his interview in person… So, who is John? Let’s find out.

John Winstanley is a financier by trade but for the period between 2002-2007 he took a sabbatical and went on on an adventure which led him to promote numerous music bands from the Lancashire area of the UK.

The book Unsigned Unscene documents those five years of John’s life as he mentored so many bands who never quite made it to the big time, but wooed local audiences across the county. I have met, and as with so many of my interviewees become friends with John and visited the streets which he used to serve. He is an icon of the community, a shining light of hope to those setting out in music, and I am delighted to announce that John Winstanley has now run the gauntlet of Simon’s 10 Q Interviews! He has done it uniquely, A first… All done on video.

unsigned unscene

John is the author of the cult novel Unsigned Unscene, he has ben interviewed nationally and is what I would call a doer… John makes things happen.

You don’t need to be from Lancashire, UK to enjoy this novel as everybody who visits a pub or drinks at the local hostelry will know somebody like John’s clients… Those with a passion for music and of course there is an American slant, we talk about and listen to a legend from Alabama in the USA.

John Winstanley is also a very active member of the Chorley Writers Circle and the Lancashire Authors Association. It’s not quite the same as most Simon’s 10 Q Interviews, we hit a new level…No Time machines, but lots of music. I think you’ll all enjoy this one!

Why not head straight off and buy the book… Here’s the link…

Unsigned Unscene

John and his family were recently featured on Jo Whiley’s show on BBC Radio 2, you can listen to the interview by clicking on the following link;
The Winstanley Interview with Jo Whiley

He has also finally succomed to the terror of twitter… Here’s the link to his Twitter account;


So folks, pull up a chair, here it it is… The John Winstanley Interview…

Now why not visit John Winstanley’s Amazon Author Page

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