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A conversation with Marianne Azizi

Every country in the world appears to have its quirky laws, you know the ones…

Ridiculous EU laws that tell us for example; we can no longer buy a pint of shandy in a pub, instead we must order half a pint of lemonade, half a pint of lager and ask for an empty pint glass so that as the customer we can mix them ourselves… that kind of thing. There are hundreds of quirky and strange laws that most of us cannot understand. It’s although all MEP’s wake up from a bad acid trip and announce;

“We can no longer sell curved bananas or cucumbers, they must be grown in tubes in order they remain straight”

All the other MEP’s raise themselves to their feet, applaud wildly and suddenly, overnight, farmers are forced to grow fruit in tubes to adjust their natural shape…

Well, excuse the rhetoric I guess that’s all well and good they have to justify their enormous salaries somehow and as they don’t appear to have any real ideas, ones that affect us EU citizens in a life changing manner, instead they come up with the most preposterous ideas that make us all scratch our heads in disbelief! (and to think I am not politically minded…)

So, what of the more sinister side of things such as Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Domestic Abuse? What would the EU do if one of its own citizens effectively became hostage in a foreign yet allied country? It’s a thought provoking question…

I caught up with Marianne Azizi last week, author of the biography Sour Milk and Stolen Honey, with a view to conducting a video interview this weekend for the blog. The conversation, which I had pencilled in to my diary for around 10 minutes, lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes! At the end of the Skype conversation I hung up and an icon instantly popped up onto my desktop to say “Call ended – Recording Complete”. Initially I was both embarrassed and horrified, I had no idea the Skype call was being recorded and neither, clearly, did Marianne Azizi.

Marianne Azizi

Having agreed to the interview I thought I would listen back to the conversation and take some notes… It was only then that I realised that, in effect, an interview of sorts had just been carried out. I called Marianne back, apologised and explained what had happened. I went on to explain that, in my opinion it had been a stroke of good luck and duly informed her that I felt compelled to share parts of the conversation with the masses… She took the mistake well *phew* and duly gave me permission to share this piece with you all.

I managed to edit the piece down to 30 minutes, but I warn you it’s hard hitting, no holds barred and extremely revealing. It Marianne’s account of how a country has effectively destroyed her life, marriage and living. We shall still conduct the 10Q video interview tomorrow about her book Sour Milk and Stolen Honey. Perhaps we should call this a preview although it is rather long to be named as such and not only covers subject matter within her book, available in both paperback and Kindle, but also an incident of late regarding a pregnant Canadian citizen called Hana Gan and other abuses and corruption within said state…

I’ll say no more as you really should listen to this piece it’s an eye opener and for those with a weak disposition I suggest you get that box of tissues ready as, especially with the closing song, it’ll make the eyes water.

I would like to thank Marianne for allowing me to share this with you and come back soon as we will speak more in depth about Marianne’s book Sour Milk and Stolen Honey and what she has planned for the future in her video which will be recorded tomorrow and aired next week.

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