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Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Lyon


For the past few weeks we have been interviewing some quite remarkable authors such as; the F1 Driver, Formula Ford Champion and Original Stig Perry McCarthy; The ex National serviceman posted to SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) and who became a member of President JFK’s close protection squad Colin Denby; and the recent two times winner at The Lancashire Authors Association’s prize ceremony, Western writer Jill McDonald (aka Amos Carr and Gil McDonald). We also interviewed the author of the Penny Parker series of crime novels and partner to Stephen Leather, D J Harrison whose latest book and cover are both nominated for National awards and of course my great friend; Secretary to The Lancashire Authors Association and author of the Waterstones Bestseller Unsigned Unscene, John Winstanley.

John also joined me and co-presenter Hannah in reviewing a number of books that we have been reading including; Flat Out Flat Broke: The Original Stig by Perry McCarthy, The Price of Freedom by Colin Denby, Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig, Vixen by Rosie Garland and Drabacus by Susan Ainsworth

But this week (16/06/2015) what we are focussing our attentions on is what takes behind the scenes for an author before publishing. Firstly, that nerve racking moment when an author introduces their manuscript to those highly feared editors and/or proofreaders for a second opinion. Translator, proofreader and editor Jennifer Lyon of Lioness Translation (Proofing, Revision) goes under the spotlight and introduces the benefits of good editing for those considering publishing a novel.

Following last weeks introduction to co-presenter Hannah Winstanley’s passion for gaming and anime I hit the road to find out more… Completely oblivious to the gaming world I met up in Lancaster with Texas born Will Vasquez of Pole to Win International who introduced me to what takes place before games are introduced to the market place and indeed the incredible amounts of money at stake. We were then invited to interview one of the Pole to Win International Games testers Evgenij Shevtsov on air live on the show. I know my place… that one was all Hannah’s!

We also briefly discussed the latest offering of the International journalist Jack Hayes who released No Easy Mission (Maddox Book 3) earlier in the month and will hopefully be featured on the show in the next few weeks.

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So, whether you are an author, publisher, reader, gamer or anime fan, kick up your heels, relax and hit the play button below! Enjoy… Until next week.

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