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HAPS – A mood booster?

HAPS – A revolutionary SuperFruit mood booster?

Tip 1: If you need to slow somebody down, put rocks in their daysack. If they are on HAPS make it a good pile of rocks for maximum handicapping!

A short time ago, as I was meandering through my favourite blogging website, an advert caught my eye… a business was looking for bloggers to try out one of its products.

The product in question? A new and revolutionary booster drink called HAPS. Intrigued, I kept reading… the product certainly appeared organically sound and full of natural goodness, and the chap presenting it looked like a ‘New Age’ businessman, i.e. somebody who does not make his money by wrecking the world!

Tip 2: Stand well clear when they find out they were weighed down by rocks all along. If they are your partner, a preemptive call to your lawyer wouldn’t hurt!

The HAPS booster drink is reported to make people feel better in mood and in body. Therefore, all things being equal, if I consumed some I should perform better while out hiking… this drink should help me go the extra mile.

Those who know me will probably know where I’m going with this. It felt like all my Christmases had come at once! So, I merrily filled out a form telling the HAPS people all about my hiking blog and social media links, and hit “send”. I then had a quick rumination session about bagging England’s 10 highest peaks in a single day (having consumed the HAPS drink, obviously) after which I went back to my coffee, and promptly forgot all about the product and my offer to try it out.

Tip 3: Once the shock of carrying stone wears off and the HAPS hits home a strange form of elation sets in. If you perpetrated said rock carrying now is a good time to worry!

A number of days later I received a personal email in response to my recent form-filling exercise – that’s right, not spam or adverts, but a REAL email. The email was from the founder of the HAPS company, no less! The man in question, Rik Turner, began by complimenting me on my blog. I felt flattered. I read on. He was off to the Himalayas to do some hiking and paragliding. Ok, ok, so I now felt jealous… But, wait! I paused for a moment and started crunching the data before me…

So, the founder is a young ambitious hiker, full of energy, who takes on genuinely extreme adventures. He has gone out of his way to research and subsequently create a new superfruits drink to boost mood and energy… his energy? I wondered.

Tip 4: HAPS users are rumoured to to be able to control nature. If you’re running it’s too late – Just try hiding or negotiating!

Well, it makes sense doesn’t it? If I was endowed with any scientific knowledge (which I am not) I might have done exactly the same kind of thing. In fact, anything that would give me a psychological or physical edge when out hiking would be of benefit.

I was now really quite excited, and included my postal address in my reply to the email so that he could send some HAPS my way. This excitement turned to cunning… you know, in moments like these I think I develop a kind of Blofeld-syndrome. I began thinking ahead to my next major hike. I know my next thoughts are kinda mean, but ordinarily I’d need to add weight to the backpack of my better half to slow her down on our mountain ascents. I wonder, could we be entering a new age? Perhaps I’ll soon be able to tank myself up with HAPS and simply coast uphill past her in my own HAPS-assisted right…? Sounds good… I can’t wait!

Tip 5: In case of failure during the negotiating process make her think you are an intermediary. You can do this with simple disguising methods like buffs, hats and by removing your glasses!

The next few post days were excruciating. Each day as the postman passed me by I would leer out and, like a crack addict, shout at the familiar red van: “WHERE’S MY HAPS?!” Alas, the magic potion didn’t arrive, and Jen and I then went on a planned trip south for a few days. This unavoidable time away from the postbox allowed me to regain some of my sanity (yes, yes, I know I’m not all there at the best of times!) and on returning home, I barely remembered that I was even expecting a package.

I half-heartedly looked through the mail that had been delivered in our absence and… nothing for me. But, hang on a minute, what’s this tiny package? The size of a postcard and less than an inch thick… “Honey, did you order me a CD or something?” She hadn’t… I opened the package and out fell 3 yellow sachets.

“Ohhh, that looks interesting!” said Jen. “What have you got there?” My heart was racing… We were due to go out on a hike.

“Nothing,” I lie… But it was no good, since that just increased my good lady’s curiosity. I tried to hide the sachets from sight but she was on to me. She reached behind my back and pulled the sachets from my hand… and then, in an unexpected (but ultimately fortunate) move, read the instructions on the sachet.

“Hon, you can’t have these, they conflict with your meds… and don’t you react badly to coconut?”

My heart dropped like a stone. What… WHAT? How on earth was I going to conduct a trial if I couldn’t consume the HAPS? Guilt and shame set in and I came clean with Jen. I swear, at this point a halo appeared above her head. “I guess I’ll have to test it for you, then,” she whispered wasting no time in finding a suitable mixing container.

At this stage panic set in. The thought of Jen on HAPS going up a mountain made my head spin. I told her I’d pack the car, but then secretly tiptoed off out of view to find some extra large rocks to put in her day pack! I was convinced I was now doomed to a day of physical destruction…

More than 20km and 4 peaks of between 700-900 metres later, and we finally got back into the car… I was goosed, but what about Jen?

Well, the truthful answer is: not a whole lot different than I would expect her to be. So, what can we say about the HAPS drink… I decided to ask Jen a few questions, and here they are.

S: Jen dear… How did you find today’s hike?
J: Erm. Before or after you removed those rocks from my daypack?

S: Ha. You’re a kidder! Did the HAPS drink taste good?
J: It didn’t taste strongly of fruit but it was hydrating and fresh. It was good.

S: Do you think it enhanced your performance today?
J: Removing the rocks from my daypack enhanced my performance today. I am no scientist so couldn’t say whether or not the HAPS did.

S: What is your general thinking on booster drinks?
J: Well, in multi-hour competitions I’ve used energy gels to boost performance – the simple sugars get into your bloodstream fast. The HAPS drinks are different, though; they’re not loaded with sugar. So I guess they’re designed to offer a more body-friendly benefit, more natural nutrients.

S: Yes, these are different – first and foremost they’re meant to improve your mood. Have you tried a mood-boosting product before?
J: Aha… no I haven’t! Hmm. To be fair, I’ve been in a mighty good mood today… maybe it wasn’t just thanks to the brilliant route and Lakeland sunshine…?

S: Who, in your opinion, would benefit most from HAPS?
J: I wonder if I already had kind of a head start… I mean, I tend to eat my 5 a day and have a daily vitamin drink as it is, so perhaps I didn’t get the full effect? I think if HAPS was given to somebody who doesn’t have a balanced diet or take regular exercise, they would notice the full-on effects of such a drink much more quickly. And… ooh! Also, I reckon that in a race situation, a mood boost from something like HAPS would give you extra confidence, which might just result in an extra energy spurt when it feels like you’re doing well?

S: Would you take HAPS again as an energy-boosting drink?
J: You have two more, right?

S: Hmmm… I’ll take that as a yes.

The interview concluded here, as we embarked on a period of negotiation for payment for those last two sachets…

Tip 6: If all else fails promise her the remaining HAPS… It’s a sure fire way of winning her over!

My conclusion on the HAPS product is that scientifically speaking (according to the HAPS company) HAPS is a worthwhile supplement to any individual’s diet. HAPS source their products in an eco-responsible way. Rik Turner, the founder of HAPS, is passionate about mental and physical fitness and has created this product to help others feel good about their lives.

The product is well packaged, smells and tastes good, and whether used as a pre-exertion booster or not, it is a refreshing drink.

You can find out more about the HAPS drink using the following link:

If you have a product you would like independently tested why not get in touch via the Contact form. In carrying out the HAPS review I received no payment but they would have struggled to get back the three free samples! 😉