About Simon


A colourful past to say the least, Simon has owned his own businesses, been an award-winning salesman, served his country in the Royal Air Force and managed control rooms; above the ground, below the ground, on the ground and on the sea!

He has written numerous articles for corporate and services magazines and professionally conducted hundreds of product reviews.

Having self-published four books, all of which achieved Top #10 status in their chosen genre on both sides of the Atlantic, Simon set about finding what made other authors tick…

In 2014 Simon set up and hosted the weekly Art & Literature show on the famed Chorley FM radio network. Interviewing authors and celebrities and following up on over 60 author interviews which originally appeared on his writing blog and were later transferred into two compilation books – The Word, Volume I and II.

Simons 10 Q Interviews was initially set up in September 2013 and gained national recognition on becoming a finalist in the UK National Blogging Awards 2014.

Finalist in the UK National Blog Awards 2014

If you wish to discuss Simon’s books, becoming an interviewee or… in fact anything else then please contact Simon using the form on the Contact Me page.


Simon, was recently a guest for an entire show on Chorley FM, why not listen to the edited version. Adverts have been removed there are still some musical interludes to enhance your listening pleasure! Lol… Simon Duringer “A version” of an author!

This week (15/10/2014) I was privileged to be interviewed by Bestselling Author Denise Kahn in her Sweet Sixteen Feature. Get along and give it a read Here’s the link;
Denise Kahn Interviews Simon Duringer

Independent Author Network

An active member of Social Media, Simon believes in the concept of Authors helping Authors and is a member of The Independent Author Network. Why not visit his IAN Author page;
Simon Duringer Gold Member of the Independent Author Network

Independent Author Network

Simon recently joined the Booklife website operated by Publishers weekly. You can see Simon’s page by clicking on the following link – Simon at Booklife

If you would like to learn more about Simon, why not listen to his interview with Preston FM;

Simon was interviewed by author Matt Posner (Author) early in 2014. This interview became the Epilogue of Simon’s latest book The Word – The Best of Simon’s 10 Q Interviews (Volume 1) and can be read by clicking on the following link;
Simon Duringer interview with author Matt Posner

Here are some press releases and stories about Simon’s work (Click on blue links to follow);

These two releases on 11 July, I particularly enjoyed the PR Log Press Release which captures everything I was trying to achieve with The Word, but they’re both worth a look!

Friday 11 July 2014 – Via PR Log.com

Friday 11 July 2014 – Via Pressbox.co.uk

Wednesday 02 July 2014 – Chorley Guardian

Sunday 09 February 2014 – Lancashire Evening Press

Thursday 06 February 2014 – HighBeam Research

January 2014 – The Online Author’s Database recognised Simon’s efforts and he became a Top 50 Author on a number of occasions. Click on the following link to view – Simon’s Author DB listing


11 July 2013 – BroadwayWorld.com

11 July 2013 – PR.com

13 May 2013 – SoftSolutions.co.uk

08 May 2013 – TheFreeLibrary.com

28 April 2013 – Chorley Citizen