There have been a number of great authors who have helped make this blog what it is, by way of thanks here are some quick links to their author pages on Amazon. The list is not split by genre and is in no particular order but here we go… To the authors themselves I suggest you look at each others pages on both sides of the continent (yes, if you weren’t aware they’re set up independently and they are your shopfronts) If you need assistance tweaking an Amazon page drop me a line and for a small fee I will do so! You can catch me either on the contacts page or most of you have my email address. Just as I wouldn’t have published a single word without the help of editors, it would seem some of us could use a tweak or two from marketeers… I’ll even throw in a free opinion (for what it’s worth) on request…

To the readers, depending upon your own location click either the UK or US links…I recommend these authors to you, ONE and ALL!! Authors aren’t all necessarily marketeers but this lot have one thing in common; they can all write and write with true style and imagination. Visit their pages and have a buying bonanza, you surely won’t regret it!

1. UK Josephine BaileyUSA Josephine Bailey
2. UK Martin FletcherUSA Martin Fletcher
3. UK Russell BlakeUSA Russell Blake
4. UK Giles KristianUSA Giles Kristian
5. UK Doran IngrhamUSA Doran Ingrham
6. UK Leigh RussellUSA Leigh Russell
7. UK Claude BouchardUSA Claude Bouchard
8. UK Phil HoganUSA Phil Hogan
9. UK Tim StevensUSA Tim Stevens
10. UK Rene SchultzUSA Rene Schultz
11. UK John PutnamUSA John Putnam
12. UK Matt Lynn
13. USA Paul Demeyer Director
14. UK Debra SalonenUSA Debra Salonen
15. UK Jake NeedhamUSA Jake Needham
16. UK Robert Joseph AholaUSA Robert Joseph Ahola
17. UK Garrard HayesUSA Garrard Hayes
18. UK Laura TaylorUSA Laura Taylor
19. UK James BeckerUSA James Becker
20. UK M J SummersUSA M J Summers
21. UK Ken FarmerUK Buck StienkeUSA Ken FarmerUSA Buck Stienke
22. UK H Alan DayUSA H Alan Day
23. UK Jack HayesUSA Jack Hayes
24. UK Andrew HughesUSA Andrew Hughes
25. UK Michael ShererUSA Michael Sherer
26. UK Alex CordUSA Alex Cord
27. UK Conn IgguldenUSA Conn Iggulden
28. UK Jon KingUSA Jon King
29. UK Matt PosnerUSA Matt Posner
30. UK Simon DuringerUSA Simon Duringer
31. USA Deborah DoucetteUK Deborah Doucette
32. USA D R RansdellUK D R Ransdell
33. USA Gerald FreemanUK Gerald Freeman
34. USA Ian Hugh McAllisterUK Ian Hug McAllister
35. USA James F CoyleUK James F Coyle
36. USA Jerold A LastUK Jerold A Last
37. USA Joseph M RinaldoUK Joseph M Rinaldo
38. USA Karen L AzingerUK Karen L Azinger
39. USA Marianne AziziUK Marianne Azizi
40. USA Stephen F CleggUK Stephen F Clegg
41. USA Warren PopeUK Warren Pope
42. USA E H BrownUK E H Brown
43. USA Gary Edward GedallUK Gary Edward Gedall
44. UK Susan WingateUSA Susan Wingate
45. UK Denise KahnUSA Denise Kahn
46. UK Catriona KingUSA Catriona King
47. UK Georgia MelarisUSA Georgia Melaris
48. UK Dawn Kopman WhiddenUSA Dawn Kopman Whidden
49. UK Morgan St JamesUSA Morgan St James
50. UK Marilyn HoldsworthUSA Marilyn Holdsworth
51. UK Matt PallamaryUSA Matthew J Pallamary
52. UK Alex Von TunzelmannUSA Alex Von Tunzelman
53. UK Imogen RobertsonUSA Imogen Robertson
54. UK Natalie HaynesUSA Natalie Haynes
55. UK Director Michael King
56. UK Ron FelberUSA Ron Felber
56. UK Rachel AbbottUSA Rachel Abbott
57. UK Robyn YoungUSA Robyn Young
58. UK Gary HaynesUSA Gary Haynes
59. UK Claudia WhitsittUSA Claudia Whisitt
60. UK Rosanne DingliUSA Rosanne Dingli
62. UK Cliff RobertsUSA Cliff Roberts
63. UK Rita ChapmanUSA Rita Chapman
64. UK Simon WilliamsUSA Simon Williams
65. UK Frances di PlinoUSA Frances di Plino

That’s it for now folks… How I managed to interview that lot in one year…Well, I guess not sleeping much sometimes has its benefits.

Happy Reading and Goodnight.


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