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Finalist in the UK National Blog Awards 2014

Welcome to my blog. My name is Simon Duringer; I am an writer of many genres, but my real interest is in books and stories that keep the reader hanging and deliver a non conventional, believable surprise at the end. I find it sad that authors often feel the need to adhere to a rigid formula. Often their first books are astoundingly thrilling, but subsequently they choose not to veer off their new found formula, the reader is left able to correctly predict the ending soon after the first chapter…

In my blog, I interview all today’s authors, regardless of their methods of publishing. My questions are not conventional and neither are there responses. I will be asking what motivates them to write, what they think of book clubs, where they buy books, who are their favourite authors and of course what is the latest writing they have created and hope to make into bestsellers. But my main interest is in their inner self. Are they nice people, who would they save in a lose lose situation, if they were the first or perhaps the last person on earth who would they wish to be their Adam or Eve.

I will be posting where you can purchase their books and what formats they are available in; be it eBooks, Kindle Books or paperback.

If you wish to find books of interest then stick around, I aim to continue providing great interviews with remarkable authors in the months to come…

Simons 10Q Interview was a finalist in the UK Blogging Awards 2014!

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Simon D. 


12 thoughts on “Welcome to Simon’s 10 Q Interviews!

  1. JoAnne Myers

    Hello Simon, I am a member of Book Lovers, and saw your Simon 10 Q Interviews. I am a writer of fantasy, paranormal, mystery, and true crime books. I would like to be considered for an interview.

    Respectfully yours,


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