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I thought that might grab your attention! (If anybody knows the creator’s name please let me know as I would like to credit their work!)


I’m away at the moment but feeling right at home in the often sleepy town of Dawlish. For Devon really is my home. It’s where my mother’s family hail from and where I have spent a good number of years of my life. So, it’s good to be back… As the saying goes; A change is as good as a rest!


Dawlish is anything BUT sleepy at this time of year with the hustle and bustle of the grockles massing in the area; feeding the economy with their spends in shops, holiday camps, B & B’s and hotels. But I seem to have hit the timing of this visit just right. Either that or they’ve laid on some great entertainment just for me! *In my dreams*


So, last week we had the air show… Spectacular! You can read up and see the pictures by checking out my previous blog on the show; The Dawlish Air Show and this week Dawlish didn’t disappoint either with their spectacular fireworks display down at the warren.


This week I am camping at an Oakcliff Holiday Park; Lady’s Mile to be precise. It’s another first for me, but my parents deserved a break from my constant pacing up and down the length of the living room whilst they have been attempting to enjoy the Athletics World Championships on the telly. Besides which they have friends visiting and so one might consider there to be no room at the Inn! Good timing all around really and it has given me a new perspective on holidaying in the UK.


Previously, holidaying abroad has been a no brainer for me. Prices starting at around £250 for a week – half board, transfers included and guaranteed sunshine! Holidaying in the UK can be equally expensive without the half board or any guarantee of good weather…


So, what are the advantages of holidaying in the UK for somebody domiciled in the UK? Well, for a start you won’t find any cockroaches or other such nasty’s here! Parents are unlikely to have to deal with the ordeal of sun stroke… There are British doctors on hand, and on the NHS, should anything untoward happen to a member of the holidaying group. Those camping or caravanning can take vast amounts of home comforts with them, and believe you me they do! The telly addicts can keep up with their soaps (not that I would want to watch TV whilst on holiday or any other time really). Everybody speaks the same language (ermmm…sort of!) and if the holiday turns out to be a wash out, there are club houses, indoor facilities and entertainment to keep both adults and children occupied! In the week I have spent at Lady’s Mile I have been in the outdoor pool, which was surprisingly warm, and worked out in the on site gymn. I have spoken to people from all manner of backgrounds and everybody has been extremely pleasant and helpful. But, I imagine the biggest advantage of holidaying in the homeland is that if all this pampering fails to keep one pleasantly occupied then the car is parked right outside and the exit is very close. I did meet one individual who seems to have taken his children home a day early, I might add more through exhaustion than boredom, on an overseas holiday one simply couldn’t do that without incurring huge additional financial costs especially when there is an entire family involved!


So Rock-On Britain!


Now, having mentioned the Holiday Park I am currently staying on it is perhaps only fair to mention a hotel in the vicinity that, in the past, I have also stayed in and offers incredible facilities, albeit perhaps a tad too expensive for those on a tight budget or towing a caravan!


Some years ago I stayed in the Langstone Cliff Hotel in Dawlish, Set on 19 acres of landscaped gardens, this seaside hotel is a few hundred yards walk down to both Dawlish beach and Dawlish Warren train station. It’s great to see the facilities, if anything, even better than when I stayed. Whilst lacking finesse at the game of snooker I do enjoy attempting to play and this hotel has a great snooker room! Traditional rooms come with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee making facilities. Upgraded rooms add private balconies, and suites offer separate living areas. Family suites include extra bedrooms. Breakfast and parking are complimentary. There’s a fine dining restaurant, a bar, and 4 sitting rooms fronted by a cast-iron veranda with sea views. Other amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, a gym and a hair salon, plus a kids play area and tennis courts. Now you can’t get much more pampered than that…


That’s it from me today. I pack up the tent in the morning and will be sleeping back under the luxury of bricks and mortar, or perhaps pacing again from tomorrow night…(Sorry Mother!) Darn that insomnia!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures taken from my phone so not too bad!


Happy #BankHolidayWeekend to everybody. Rule Britannia… Even though we most certainly don’t rule the waves these days!

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2 thoughts on “Home and Away in Dawlish

  1. Gordon Brice

    Thanks for yet another entertaining and interesting blog, Simon. We stayed on holiday in Dawlish more years ago than I care to remember. To be honest, it was so long ago that I remember virtually nothing about it. Thank you for providing so much detail about the place. Maybe we’ll get the opportunity to return there one day……fingers crossed.
    Your excellent photos of the firework display, added to the enjoyment of reading your blog.

  2. Simon Post author

    Thank you Gordon. It really is a very chilled out and friendly environment to be in!

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