Gary Edward Gedall

I am delighted that we have a new candidate for Rambling On…

Gary Edward Gedall has run the “alternative” gauntlet of Rambling On… which is an open interview available to all authors by selecting from the list of 55 questions offered on the website and coming up with (in Gary’s case) some great responses!

But before we move on to his choices let’s first take a look at the man himself. This profile picture was hand drawn recently without his permission. But, so taken with it was Gary that it now holds a place in his heart. The artist on the other hand can be found floating, face down, in a river somewhere for his crimes! (Kidding!!)

Gary Edward Gedall

Gary has an Bsc, and an MSc. He is a Psychologist and a State Registered Psychotherapist. He is trained in Hypnotherapy, qualified in EMDR, is a Shamanic Practitioner and Western Rider… I think that lot simply means he’s a whole lot more intelligent than me! Here’s his author Bio…

Born in Manchester UK, my father was a travelling jazz drummer at the time, my mother, a record shop owner. After my father had a car accident he took over the business(es); he was a great entrepreneur, but a lousy administrator, we went from rags to riches, and back to rags, several times in my early life.
At 9 years old, just after his first bankruptcy, I went to boarding school, where I played in the bi-annual plays, started writing poetry, write my first short story and passed my first ‘O’ level, (Mathematics) at 14.
At 15 I transferred to the local grammar school, (we were now living in Blackpool), continued to appear often on stage and finished my regular schooling.
I then went to Aston University, (now Aston Business School), to take a BSc in Management Sciences, all the time continuing to haunt the Arts Centre and appear in various plays. I also started writing plays, both mysteries and musicals.
After graduation I had various jobs and passed some-time both in the US, (where I managed to get thrown out of Universal studios), and Canada, (where I once again appeared on stage).
While in Canada, I got the germ of an idea that eventually cumulated as an SF film script, ‘The Dream Machine’, (a virtual reality story finished in 1986).
On returning to the UK I undertook various trainings and worked in many areas, including that of a computer network administrator and programmer, and as a professional psychic.
In 1992 I decided to go live and work in the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in the north of Scotland. There I met a Swiss medical student, who had come to visit for a weekend.
In 1995, at the age of 38, I moved to Switzerland, speaking very little French, I enrolled in the University of Lausanne to begin studying to be a psychologist. In the final year of the 4 year program, (at the time the degree was a 4 year ‘licence’ – part way between a BSc and a Masters), I also became qualified as a hypnotherapist and started my internship.
I had managed to continue to act during the first three years, and to write short stories and poems.
In 2001, I finished my ‘Maîtrise’ (MSc +), subject of my memoir – ‘the clinical benefits on groups of auto-hypnosis’.
It was my sessions of hypnosis with my patients that finally pushed me to write and publish my first book, Remember. I was creating and repeating the same stories and hypnotic inductions, from patient to patient, it was then that I got the idea to start writing them down. After a while, it became logical to; compile the stories, transform the hypnotic inductions into a poetic form, add some personal and patient vignettes and a theoretical reflection.
My second book, Adventures With The Master was also born out of a hypnotic induction. A patient asked me to help him confront a task that seemed impossibly difficult for him. Some-time later, my family was going round an outside sports / exercise track, (piste vita), my daughter started to complain that she couldn’t make it, so I told her the story. She agreed to continue to come the next week, but only if I continued with the story. So, by the end of the summer, the main characters and events were already created. It just took me another few years to find the time and the energy to write it all down and ‘fill in the gaps’.
I have now been working as a psychologist for 15 years, (state registered psychotherapist for 10 years), I work with Adults, Couples and Families in a transcultural setting, also run groups on finding and using inner resources and with horses. I have completed the 3 year advanced Shamanic Formation of the FSS, (Foundation for Shamanic Studies), been trained in EMDR, started western riding at 50, and now am the proud possessor of a ‘brevet de cavalier’, a sort of horse driving license. I am now training for a DAS, (Diploma of Advanced Studies), for a title of Therapist with Horses.
I am currently involved with two new writing projects; The Island of Serenity, (see and a popular psychology book on the creation and functioning of the human psyche, ‘Picturing the Mind’.

Gary Edward Gedall

So, Welcome Gary Edward Gedall to Rambling On… The floor is yours, take it away…

RO Q1: What are you currently working on and why should readers buy it?

GEG A1: My current work in progress, The Island of Serenity, (, is a story in three parts, (intermingled), of a man; that is about to commit suicide, because he has ‘screwed up his life and those of the people close to him’, of his arriving ‘somewhere in-between’, and having no choice but to accept to visit 7 islands, to learn lessons from each one, and finally, a monk enters into the lives of the people, and helps repair the messes left by the man.
This book, (without having to depend on the spiritual writings of others), leads the reader through the life of someone, to experience how we can manage to wreck our lives and those of the people we care about. Then, through many weird, wonderful, widely different types of experiences, how he / we can be different. Finally, how someone who has already followed that initiatic path, can share his knowledge and energy to help others to correct their own lives

RO Q2: What is your motivation for writing?

GEG A2: have so much that I wish / need to share.
Writing; is a need, a drug, a suffering, a spiritual experience, an orgasmic pleasure.

RO Q3: How many books have you written and what are they called?

GEG A3: I have two published books; Remember, (stories and poems for self-help and self-development), and Adventures With The Master. I have also, ‘The Tales of Peter of Pixie’, written but not published. I also have two books half written, ‘The Island of Serenity’ and ‘Picturing the Mind’, (a popular psychology book).

RO Q4: How do you research your work?

GEG A4: My writing comes first from my own experiences; both lived events, (things I’ve done, people I’ve met and places I’ve been to), but also dreamed up people and situations, plus the books I’ve read and films I’ve watched. This has been further fed during the last 16 years by my patients, who fill me on a daily basis with their life stories – thank you.
From these starting points, my stories are already pretty much prewritten before I even think to sit and write. So there is no ‘pre-writing’ stage of research.
During the actual writing process, I sometimes realize that there are is / are details that I don’t know, or are not sure of. (For instance, Adventures with the Master is set in Tibet, I have no knowledge of their lives, names, customs, food etc.).
In these circumstances I do what everyone else does, I ‘google’ the internet, read Wikipedia and generally surf until I find that which I am looking for.

RO Q5: What are your three most prized possessions?

GEG A5: My two children and my wife, (should that be written differently? – only if she sees it first)

RO Q6: How do you get in the mood to write?

GEG A6: If I’m not too tired, and if I have the time, I just wait or do something else. However, writing does take a certain discipline, and as I have a more than full time job, family etc., being in the mood or not, I often just force myself to sit down and write.

RO Q7: What genres do you write, what made you choose them?

GEG A7: I do / did not choose the genres in which I write – they choose themselves. Not that I don’t take responsibility for what I write, but my unconscious / muse / channel, controls what I write – I’m just the muggings that is forced to spend hours and hours in front of the screen typing the stuff out.
Being a; psychologist / psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, shamanic practitioner, spiritual seeker, comic, etc., it is clear that a lot of my energy veers towards personal and spiritual developmental themes.
However, I have also written a book of children’s stories, an SF film script, several musical plays, (all sadly lost), and have a wide range of general fiction projects awaiting the time, energy and space to realize.

RO Q8: What star sign are you and what do you think that says about your character?

GEG A8: Having studied, (a little), astrology, I must take the liberty to talk about my astrological chart, one’s sun sign is much too limited to have much sense.
My Sun is in Pisces, linked to my Mercury and Venus and opposing Jupiter on my mid-heaven; this makes for someone that cares deeply for others, spiritual, with a very activated mind, including the creativity of artists, writers and actors. It can also lead to being a bit ‘wishy-washy’, confused, head in the clouds, not very grounded nor affirmed. My Sun is also squared by Saturn, which can either, (& / or), bring me form and structure or sever limitations in my manhood, thinking and loving functions. The Jupiter on the mid-heaven can bring luck, expansion, optimism and a sense of fun, but also false confidence and impossible, grandiose ideas.
The other two main elements are my ‘rising sign / ascendant’ – Scorpio, which can be nasty and spiteful but also brings the possibility of deep insights and the understanding of others. And Mars on the descendant – which can be linked to aggression and violence but also can bring a laser energy to get up and get stuff done.
To say that at some time I’ve been all of the above, might seem like a simple way to answer this question, but we are all of who we are, and it is only situations and circumstances that dictate which, of the many facets of ourselves we express.
I have been a salesman, actor, computer programmer / network administrator, professional psychic, administrator, now psychologist and always, a writer – (to list but the major activities).

RO Q9: When was your profile picture taken and why did you choose it?

GEG A9: My profile picture is a portrait offered to me a few weeks back, taken off, (without my knowledge or permission), from one of my youtube uploads. I have put it up as my profile picture on FB, not only because it is a passible likeness, with a nice dose of whimsy, but as an acknowledgement of the quality of the artist, both for her drawing talent and for who she is as a human being.

RO Q10: If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be? (Gerald Freeman)

GEG A10: I would wish for curses and blessings on any person involved in child abuse.
The curse would be that anything bad that they would be about to inflict on any child, bounce back onto them instead.
The blessing would be that those that could abuse children, due to their own abusive childhoods, be cured of their emotional wounds and trauma, hence removing any impulse to hurt children, in any circumstances, in their turn.

SD Comment: Gary, thank you so much for submitting to Rambling On… Readers who have enjoyed this interview may also be interested in the Matt Pallamary interview. Matt is a very well renowned Shamanic Healer and was Emmy Nominated in the US. Given Gary’s response to his selected final question, let’s also raise awareness of the fantastic charity, the NSPCC, please give their website a look and consider donating using the following link;
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

If you would like to find out more about Gary’s works or wish to download a copy of one of his books then why not visit his Amazon pages as follows;
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