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My next victim… ermmm… interviewee, is a veteran of the website, a former Barnes and Noble Bestselling author with her debut book, but soon afterwards she went Indie… and has never looked back!

Just released is; If I could…. by…. any takers? Let’s find out!


She was one of the first to step forward and allow me the honour of interviewing her after the release of her first offering, Bishop Street, she went on to write the novels; Done Deal, Broken Image and House of Stone. Behind the scenes she has also been accumulating a number of screenplays. However, I have invited this warm hearted lady to Room 42 today to discuss her new novel.

Of course I am talking about the wonderful Rene Schultz, author and playwright…

These days Rene prefers small community living rather than being the focus of attention in the ritz and glitz of the city. She is divorced and living to the North of Los Angeles where she raised her two sons. Time permitting, and given the number of books published in the last 18 months there can’t be much of it, she enjoys to socialise with friends over a decent glass of wine!

Rene’s speciality are those stories that showcase today’s contemporary lifestyles e.g. rags to riches, Robin Hood style heroines and characters that survive against overwhelming odds. It’s the common denominator within all her books…


Rene is now launching her fifth novel in 18 months; If I Could… Not only do we want to know about the book, but also we want to, as per our own common denominator, get inside the head of the wonderful Rene Schultz! We know some already as Rene has appeared on Simon’s 10 Q Interviews and also engaged with me in a Skype interview in the not so distant past…

But what will she make of the new dimensional extra within Room 42? what will she hope to find out there in the big unknown? Several veteran Simon’s 10 Q Interviewees have already taken the plunge and come out smiling… Jake Needham, Doran Ingrham and Jack Hayes amongst them. But now it’s the turn of the ladies! We have Laura Taylor and Rene Schultz already fired up and ready to go…

So, how will Rene tease us to lure us to her Amazon page and what information can we prise from her in advance about the latest offering; If I Could…


Well folks, Rene Schultz came, saw and conquered in Room 42! I’m delighted to introduce great author and great friend Rene…

SD Q1: Welcome back Rene, for this the third time on Simon’s 10 Q Interview blog! One of the first on Simon’s 10 Q Interviews, The first Skype Interview and now we meet again in Room 42… In your case 4 books later. You’re really motoring with your writing these days; so tell us how do you manage your workload and what are your priorities these days?

RS A1: My life is a constant juggling act. Sometimes, I wish that I could just escape into my world of writing, but that is not a reality for Indie authors. We are constantly promoting our books through the social media formats, hoping to entice new readers. That is what takes up most of my time. I add in a little cooking, gardening, and time with my family and friends as the days pass at a rapid speed!

SD Q2: You are a motorcycle fan and on sunny days ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. Firstly, do you still own a motorcycle and if so what type is it and secondly, can you describe the feeling you get from riding said motorcycle and if there is anywhere in the world you would dream of riding it where would that be and why?

RS A2: I live in the perfect place to enjoy the sport of motorcycling! You can’t ask for a more enjoyable ride than the beautiful canyons that lead down to the Pacific Coast Highway and surround my home! I rode my black beauty (Yamaha 1100) that was slammed to the ground, for many years. I rode with friends, enthusiasts, and a few dangerous motorcycle clubs. Last year, I decided it was time to hang up my chaps! Because of the need for speed, cellphones, texting and other distractions to motorists, the motorcycle world has become dangerous. Accidents have doubled. So, I sold my bike and it’s been hard. I love the wind in my face, and the freedom you feel as you cruise down the highway with a 360 degree, bird’s eye view of life. Sun, wind, fresh air was my way of life, now I sit in my writing room, dreaming of those things.

SD Q3: The publishing industry seems to me to be in a continuous state of flux; Indie versus Traditional. I would suggest that the Traditionalists have, in the last 12 months, changed their attitude towards Indie authors and the game has taken a fairly sinister turn as they start adopting Indie ideas to remain in the game. You are and remain an Indie author, but previously have been traditionally published. Now that you are motoring along at pace is there any temptation to resubmit to the traditional publishers and how would you rate the Indie versus Traditional battle in terms of who is winning overall?

RS A3: I love being an Indie author. Although, it is a tougher way to go…you get to be in control and have a say in your own destiny. I went the route of a medium size publishing house. It ended up in a large lawsuit and turned into a major fiasco. Like any author, whether indie or traditional you are still responsible to get your book out there and into the hands of the readers. It is really a constant grind and time consuming to push your books on social media sites. Sometimes, it seems endless, and others you feel like that brass ring is waiting to be grabbed.
Would I consider traditional again? Depends…if Random House or Penguin offered me an interesting contract I might consider it. But, nowadays you need an agent and publicists. The only thing that would make me contemplate going that route again—only if it would free up more time for me to pursue my passion of writing.

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland Rule 42 states: “All persons more than a mile high to leave the Court.”

SD Q4: We are of course in Room 42, so what can I tell you about the number other than it was famed for being the answer to the universe and everything in Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy… Well, in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland Rule 42 states: “All persons more than a mile high to leave the Court.” Furthermore, and more aptly for an american based interview, in the USA 42 Gallons of oil make up a barrel… But that aside for this next question let us put the number 42 in context with a piece of your latest work. So, please go to page 42, count in 42 words and to the end of the closest sentence type out the next 42 words. Give a brief overview to the reader of what is taking place during this section and outline why they should plan ahead to buy this as their next read.

RS A4: Page 42:
Dani’s world was spinning in circles. She had no clue as to what was going on or how Levi was going to survive this. All Dani wanted to do was lay down on the floor and cry until there were no more tears left. But…she knew she couldn’t. The ache in her heart was beyond any pain she could have ever imagined. It was the beginning of the grieving process. When a mother’s child is given a death sentence, when no one is looking, mothers purge their fears by curling up into a little ball and begging God to take them—instead of their child. They start each sentence with ‘If I could….’
If I could switch places….
If I could stop the clock.…
If I could make him better….
If I could have one wish….
If I could…just pretend…this was a bad dream….

Daniela has lost everything and is all alone in the world… or is she? After her mother’s death, her life begins to unravel. Does the brown box in her mother’s closet hold the answers to her mother’s past…and Dani’s future?

SD Comment: *Ahem* That was rather closer to 142 words methinks… But swiftly moving on…

SD Q5: Over and above your six books now available on Amazon (and other stores) you have also been writing screenplays. Tell us what is the subject matter of those works, why the change from mainstream writing and how that side of your writing career is going?

RS A5: Writing screenplays and novels are worlds apart. The author creates and describes everything that appears in the novel. We create the characters, their emotions, we describe their actions, their thoughts, the plot, and the atmosphere. A novel gives the readers so much backstory that you can actually fit into the shoes of those characters. The narrative gives them an in depth view of the storyline. Screenwriting is simply telling your story through a visual connection and dialogue. You set up the scene and then the dialogue takes over. I love both!

I’ve written a comical murder mystery about three Harvard graduates that spend the summer in a Brothel in Nevada, as housekeepers.

I’ve written an adventure script about a family kidnapped in Costa Rica. The three spoiled children have to find their way out of the rainforest. It can be a serious script or it can border on a Disney flick.

SD Q6: As no stranger to Simon’s 10 Q Interviews and therefore a seasoned Time Traveller, you will be delighted to hear the old time machine has been updated and can now cross into the fourth dimension. When you board the Time Machine and buckle up for your journey, what do you think you might find, what do you hope to find and if it is at all possible what would you bring back to prove your findings?

RS A6: I want to go back 40 years. I’m terrified of the future. I loved the 70’s. Life was simple, uncomplicated and technology had not reared its ugly head. Call me ‘old school’ but since technology has created the world of knowledge, and it has also shown us the ugliness that can come from it. Too much information in the hands of renegades has created fears of the future. You have a highway of information at your fingertips, but how much do we really need to know? There is no privacy anymore and life is a constant struggle with protecting yourself from predators–from all over the world. Soon we will have to give a thumbprint to prove who we are.

SD Q7: Your popularity within the United Kingdom has been greatly enhanced by the intervention of two fairly prominent book bloggers (other than me!). Who are these two lovely ladies, do you remain in touch and if you were to go shopping for a gift for each of them to suit their personalities, what would you purchase for them and why?

RS A7: Three years ago I chanced into Facebook to see what it was all about. I wound up in a ‘UK-reviewer’ room. Sue Ward and Philomena Callan were the reviewers and they asked me for a copy of my book Bishop Street. I’d never let a soul read any of my books. I finally relented, and the rest is history. They pushed and prodded me into self-publishing, and they continue with each and every book I write. To them, I owe a lifetime of gratitude for taking this little intimidated bird under their wing, and teaching me to fly! You will find their name in each one of my books. I consider them my biggest fans.

I hope one day to hop a plane and end up on their front porch. I think nothing would please them more if I stood there with my arms extended for a big hug. Before I go, I need to catch up on the British accent so I can understand what they are saying!

SD Q8: Originally famed for penning the tongue in cheek account of online dating with, initially traditionally published many years ago, but re-released on Amazon almost three years ago to the day (17 April 2012). Back then, when you entered the Indie arena did you ever believe that three years later you might have an arsenal of six books and some screenplays to your name, and do you think you will maintain an output of two books per year for the foreseeable future or is there a limit to the ideas you have to write about?

RS A8: I started writing Bishop Street after a long marriage that terminated in divorce. With my life spinning in circles, I ended up on an internet dating website. was the hilarious truth of my life at that time, and the reality of online dating for most singles! I just happen to put it into words and onto pages for others in the same situation to read. It became a best-seller and then everything fell apart. My publishing house ran off with all the author’s royalties and opened up under a different name. That’s when I became disillusioned with life. I became reclusive after I won my lawsuit with the publishing house, but I continued to write.

My stories continue to flow and I would love to write 2 to 3 books a year. I love to write about the ‘realities of life.’ Turn on your television and watch the evening news and you will find a continuous flow of ‘reality fiction.’

SD Q9: If we were to bundle you off to a desert island in order to gain inspiration for your next book, only allowing you a portable CD player and three different CD’s. Which three CD’s would you take with you and which three tracks would best remind you of home and everything you find joy from in life?

RS A9:
Track one: Bob Dylan-he was my inspiration as a youngin’ and he continues to be my inspiration. The reality of his songs always resonated with the times. ‘The Times They are a Changin’ ‘Blowing in the Wind’ ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ ‘Just like a Woman’

Track two: James Taylor greatest hits. I’m a pretty mellow person and I love to listen to music as I write. His songs bring me back to some happier times in my life. ‘Mexico’ ‘Sweet Baby James’ ‘Country Road’ ‘Fire and Rain’ ‘You’ve got a Friend’ ‘Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight’ –just to name a few.

Track Three: The Beatles greatest hits. Who didn’t love the Beatles? They were strappy, they were fun, they rocked it out, and they started it all!

You could add in a few more like: Simon and Garfunkel; Janis Joplin; James Blunt; Jack Johnson; I could keep going…. I love music….

SD 10: Once again and with great sorrow we have arrived at the final question! Firstly, of course I would like to thank you for coming back yet again for another interview! For my tenth question I would like you to take my place in the interviewing chair and interview any US president from history. Who would you interview, what would your first question be and why?

RS A10: President John F. Kennedy- How can we rebuild our nation that is now starting down a slow path of destruction?

SD Comment: As always it has been a pleasure and I am left with more questions. I would love to hear more about the screenplays, they sound like a riot and as a single man perhaps I should also dust off the kindle app and have a read of !! Well, that’s the first trilogy methinks… Next I guess you should become one of the ‘firsts’ on my new Radio Show at Chorley 102.8 FM; The Chorley FM Art and Lifestyle Show which launches on May 19th and will be aired every Tuesday between 6-8pm (UK)… *Shameless plug I know!*.

So, readers before you leave why not get along and check out Rene’s work by visiting her author pages using the links provided below;
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You can also view Rene’s video Teasers…

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  1. Gordon Brice

    Another great blog, Simon and am looking forward to the latest interview with Rene, who looks a bundle of fun and rather saucy……if I may say that.

  2. Gordon Brice

    Another great blog, Simon and I look forward to the latest interview with Rene, who looks a bundle of fun and rather saucy……if I may say that.

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