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Fell Head Scar

Fell Head Scar…

I was recently challenged to write my next hiking blog as a poem! I thought a limerick would be more fun… and then came along the perfect opportunity to engage in ‘that’ bit of tongue in cheek fun. The route took us (Jen and I) from Four Lanes Cross outside Sedbergh and up to Fell Head Scar on a 8.5km circular route within the beautiful Howgills.

Enjoy… For those purists amongst you, this is a ‘pomerick’! (Lol)

Hiking to Fell Head Scar on the Howgill Fells

Saturday or Sunday should we go?
Where? Up yonder a mere stone’s throw…
Albeit Westwards, still our back yard
Up different Howgill Fells this time
where the going can be hard.

We look at the weather for all the weekend
Tis much the same between both now and then
As Saturday morning creeps through the window
We climb out of our sack
Could we be more knackered or slow?!

Despite the time, light is on our side
Will feel like a heartbeat before that starts to slide
We clamber into car with all manner of kit
For me,
The drone is the main part of it.

For today only, everything is a wait or waite…
Passing Marthwaite, Branthwaite both high and low
Twisting and turning down back roads we go
At ‘four lane ends’ we park the car by a hedge
Come February next year better travel by skis or on a sledge

Now, a few things to be understood before I venture further
My lover Jen is at her wits end and may consider murder…ing me!
Reducing or changing meds at the moment
It is never any fun
Maybe something I said, made her wish for a gun!

But spinning heads aside she hands me the map
“Go on then smartass take us onwards and upwards with that”
Tis true I rely far too much on her navigation
But, *nudge, wink* I have been here before
Without her participation!

“Ok dear, you follow my lead…
We’ll head up past Castley Wood where the sheep usually feed”
Sheepfolds a-plenty round here, though few sheep to be seen
Aha, I am ready and high in confidence – I see my peak
Now only a way up is something I should seek

As time passes, air fills our lungs
The joys of the great outdoors silence our tongues
The beck we will follow takes us right to the climb
How apt to follow Chapel Beck
During Remembrance time.

But wait, amidst brown bracken, scree slopes and peaks
Rolling velvet fells and yes, there is a lack of sheep
We stop rather often for her to peek at the map
Clearly untrusting of her weathered old chap
And so she might be…

Trusting my instincts I know where to go this day
“Long rig, Break Neck, and finally Great End” I say
“White Fell is North of us and that’s Windy something over there”
The names are all jumbled…
“C’mon Jen, that look is curling my hair” I add nervously.

At Long Rigg Fold I truly know my way
But the words from my mouth are disturbing and astray
The meds are kicking in, thinking is a strain
Come on Simon up there and right at the chicane
Okay, dammit I meant the sheep train… Oh dear.

“Three false summits to go” I say loudly to be sure of being heard
But with a strong north-westerly my voice is hushed and slurred
Negotiations begin half way up the heather
“Honey, I’m really not concerned, just look at this glorious weather”
She shies away, not mentioning Great End is actually in the Lake District…

Up one, around another, we are almost topside
And with that she takes my hand and we end side by side
“You see, like I told you there to the left is Fell Head Scar!”
“Oh really, I don’t recall that is where you thought we are?”
Lucky really as I didn’t either…

The ultimate goal had been the Screes of Black Force
This however was the stepping stone – striding through the gorse
It is time to wrap up but wait, time to play
Time to get out the drone please
I have been waiting all day!

After trimming some grass the drone leaves the ground
Once we gain focus we fly it around
Across the valley to White Fell and Seevy Rigg
almost down to the beck
Yup, I feel like a big kid!

Eventually, we regroup a team once more
We look forward to Black Force and the weather in store
The shivers I witness suggest today is not the day
The sky still light
but it is still a pretty long way

With meds kicked in common sense prevails
A strong North Westerly wind suggests it’s time to set sail (with the wind on our backs!)
We drink plenty of coffee and wrap up warm
Heading down a common route
That wild horses have worn

I spin Jen a story
There is a boggy field that lay ahead
Taking all in her stride she suggests heading down Whin’s End instead
Gladly, I agree and back to the country lane we go
Where a solid flat surface allows our strides to flow

Eight and half kilometres it was start to finish
Pleased I am to say our friendship remains undiminished…
Sadly, the drone footage didn’t come out too well
I hope instead you enjoy these glorious pictures
Of the little known Howgill Fells!

This post was punctuated by the lovely Jennifer Lyon whose travel blog can be found by clicking here.

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