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Chorley 102.8 FM

Well, the great news is that I will soon be able to offer readers a better listening experience as I will be starting a new radio program for Chorley 102.8 FM. The pilot has already been conducted with the one and only ORIGINAL STIG from BBC’s Top Gear program for which the link is at the bottom of the page. So, hold on to your hats and if you feel worthy of joining me on the show, whether by phone, Skype or in the studio, it is due to debut on the 19th May, so do get in touch!

It’s a weekly program called ; The Art and Lifestyle program running between 6-8pm on Tuesdays from 19th May…


Before we remind you of the pilot, let’s also say what a success; What’s Your Story Chorley 2015 was… It’s likely the debut show will contain interviews from spectators, participants and organisers. Here’s looking forward to the WYSC 2016 next year.

Back to the pilot, which was aired live, was exciting and nerve racking… Just the way we like it!

Here’s 10 facts about the man involved; Perry McCarthy, BBC TV’s Original STIG… Do you remember the one, he ended his Top Gear career by trying to beat a Sea Harrier Jump Jet to the end of the sea based runway and ended up driving off the end of the aircraft carrier, but he did mysteriously make the long swim to shore as he later returned to continue life back in professional racing. Let’s take a look at that final video clip!

Now, here’s Ten Facts about Perry McCarthy whose autobiography Flat Out Flat Broke: The Original Stig went straight into the Top 10 on the day of launch back in March and is still Motor Sports Number 2 in the UK…

Author Page_PerryMcCarthy

1. Perry McCarthy did not start racing until the very late age of 19.

2. Perry worked on North Sea oil rigs to initially fund his start in the junior categories of motor sport. He had success very early and became Formula Ford before a huge crash broke his back and sidelined him for a year. (The horrendous accident was caught on film and pictures of Perry airborne and inverted are included amongst the sizeable picture gallery).

3. Using every moment he had, Perry relentlessly pushed to gain sponsorship and support to move up the notoriously difficult motor racing ladder. Gradually, his talent and determination was recognised and against all odds he went on to compete in Formula 3 and International F3000 before moving across to America where he set the US scene on fire with spectacular performances in the prestigious IMSA racing championship.

4. In 1992, Perry received the call he’d been working towards for over 10 years and joined the new Andrea Moda Formula One team to compete in the F1 World Championship. However … the team made headlines for the wrong reasons and Perry narrowly avoided serious injury, at the very least, when his steering jammed at 170mph

5. After Grand Prix racing, Perry was chosen by top level works manufacturers such as Lotus, Chrysler, Panoz and Audi to race in the sports cars and GT World Championship including the famous Le Mans 24 hours and the USA’s Sebring 12 hours and Daytona 24 hours.


6. In 2002, Perry McCarthy made motoring history by becoming the very first masked driver known as THE STIG with BBC’s Top Gear television program. According to the Guinness Book of World Records; Top Gear is the most widely watched factual television program in the world. Top Gear plays in 214 territories worldwide and has an estimated global audience of 350 million. It set viewer records for an unscripted series on BBC America in 2013. “Who is the Stig” became the second highest search term on Google.

7. After leaving Formula 1 and just prior to becoming the STIG, Perry McCarthy wrote a hilarious autobiographical account of his racing fortunes and his many misfortunes fittingly titled ‘Flat Out, Flat Broke’. This was later followed by paperback editions which brought his amazing and inspirational story up to date with a behind the scenes look at life as The Stig! Flat Out, Flat Broke the paperback is now out of print having sold over 100,000 copies.

8. Following two seasons of establishing the STIG’s identity on BBC’s Top Gear, Perry left the show in dramatic style. Viewers were shown him racing along the runway of the British Aircraft Carrier HMS Invincible whilst at sea. But, his brakes apparently failed and the car was filmed ‘flying’ off the end of the ship at over 100mph and into the sea. RIP STIG (presumed dead) before being reincarnated as The White STIG. A YouTube clip of The STIGS departure from Top Gear, viewed in excess of 2 Million times, can be found here: https://youtu.be/_eiJkQzpzRc

9. With Kindle and eBooks becoming ever so popular, Perry McCarthy has re-covered his highly acclaimed autobiography, added several new pictures from his private collection, and released the book as an Indie author on to Amazon Kindle in March 2015. It went straight to the Top 10 in genre in the UK, US and Australia becoming number #1 in all three countries in the first week.

10. Perry McCarthy currently writes humorous and informative articles for the World’s foremost motor racing magazine. He also travels the world as a leading inspirational, motivational and after dinner speaker for major corporations.

So, here is the link to that pilot, with visuals… Enjoy!

Here are the buy now links for Perry amazing autobiography on Amazon Kindle…

UK Link: Flat Out Flat Broke – The Original Stig
US Link: Flat Out Flat Broke – The Original Stig
CA Link: Flat Out Flat Broke – The Original Stig
AU Link: Flat Out Flat Broke – The Original Stig