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Interviewing author Jill McDonald-Constable MA

It was alright on the night! The technology worked and we all went home to celebrate with tea and cakes…

Having recently won several awards and trophies at The Lancashire Author’s Association’s annual prize giving for her short stories, author Jill McDonald-Constable was the key guest on the Chorley 102.8 FM Arts and Lifestyle show on the 09 June 2015. The show, for those unfamiliar, runs every Tuesday night between 6-8pm (UK time) and can be heard across the globe using the Chorley FM internet player!

In addition to Jill’s phone-in interview, I interviewed none other than co-presenter Hannah Winstanley on her passion for anime and gaming and John Winstanley, Secretary of one of the most well established writing groups in the UK The Lancashire Author’s Association (Est 1909) came in to discuss why people should consider joining the LAA and indeed to assist in reviewing a number of books that as a group we are currently reading.

Other authors that were discussed on air included; Colin Denby, Morgan St James, Rachel Abbott, Matt Haig, Rosie Garland, Perry McCarthy and many more…

But let’s tell you a little more about our main guest; Jill McDonald-Constable

Jill McDonald-Constable

Born in Liverpool, Gill has been writing for many years in a variety of genres, she had some poems and articles published over the years but never achieved her dream of getting a real book out there. Until a series of strange events occurred. A DNA test posted on the Ancestry website led to the discovery that her late husband, Chris’s real father had been an American Airman. He was also the great-grandson of a Chippewa Indian chief!

At around that time, Gill states that she woke one day from a vivid dream and had to start writing straight away. It turned out to be a Western! The resulting book was sent off to the only publisher Gill knew in the UK who published Westerns. Robert Hale published The Ghosts Of Poynter (Linford Western Library) in 2012. Gill decided she needed to take a male name for her Westerns, and using relatives names Amos Carr was born. Her second book for Hale, Crazy Man Cade (Linford Western Library) came out later the same year. The Secret of the Silver Star is due out in August. Her first two are now out of print but still readily available at your local Library. Silver Star will be available on Amazon in August. Gill is one of only four women in the UK who write westerns for Hale, and they all write under male names!

Gill sent one manuscript off to Hale who decided that one wasn’t for them, then she found out about a publisher in the USA who were looking for submissions and sent it off to them. Prairie Rose Publications published Saint or Sinner in 2014, with the addition of a little more Romance! For PRP Gill uses the name Gil McDonald. Her second story for PRP was Hearts and Red Ribbons, a long short story in a Valentine’s anthology, which is coming out as a single sell short book later this year. Her latest book, Eyes Like The Sea came out in May. All of these are (or will soon be) available on Amazon.

Gill is delighted to be able to say she is published on both sides of the Atlantic, and she sells cowboys to America!

When Gill’s Mum discovered she was going to be published, her Mum asked what the books were, after Gill told her, Mum’s mouth dropped open, it turned out that her father had never read anything but Westerns! So what with that, and Chris’s news about his heritage, surely it was meant to be that she should write Westerns!

She has two more Westerns on the go at the moment, and has a contemporary romance and a children’s novel out with agents at the moment. Fingers crossed for Gil, Gill, Jill and Amos!

You can visit Gill’s author pages by clicking the following links;
The Gil McDonald Amazon Author Page
The Amos Carr Amazon Author Page

Finally, here is what we’ve all been waiting for… The full Chorley 102.8 FM Art and Lifestyle Show aired on the 09 June 2015 Presented by Simon Duringer and Hannah Winstanley. Enjoy!

102.8 FM Art & Lifestyle Show 090615 by Simon Dusty Duringer on Mixcloud

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