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RavPower 22000mAh External Battery Pack

RAVPower ACE Series 22000 mAh External Battery Pack

Yes, yes, I know I’m going to get shot down in flames with this one. “Leave your electronics at home!” chorus the purists… and you know what? I wholeheartedly agree!

On the other hand, given that OS Maps can now be downloaded for perusal while out and about, and that we have no excuse not to take responsibility for ourselves these days with all the technology at our disposal (GPS, etc.)… I’m cornered.

Throw into the mix the happy task of keeping up with notifications from over 4,000 anonymous friends on FB and 7,000 Twitterites, and now I’m not only flummoxed… I’m doomed! No choice, it seems, but to remain relatively connected to my devices during a multi-day hike.


So, what will I take with me hiking?

Hmmm… I definitely need the mobile phone. It has become a modern-day life-saver. What about when that runs out of juice? Charger, then. And let’s say prolonged heavy rain sets in at some point and I find myself tent-bound for a day or two… hmm, I guess I’d best take the tablet then. *Dangit* Really?

Next I start to wonder about the extra weight in my pack if I’m carrying all these devices… but already I can almost hear the sarcastic reply from somebody out there: “Oh come on, Mr Duringer, when did that last concern you?”

OK. Look. Yes, I would love to be able to travel without technology, but I have the memory of a goldfish. How am I supposed to recall the finer details of different treks many days later when I come to write about them? I need to write during post-hike evenings, so I’d need the tablet on board. And clearly there’s no point bringing it along if no power is available… *Urghhh*
So, before embarking on my latest trip, I turned to my friends on the “outdoor gear exchange” Facebook page for some advice about power banks.

Now, I had already tried at least three supposedly high-power charging devices and they all turned out to be pretty rubbish. I might add that they weren’t cheap, either. But, in the here and now I knew I’d be away from power for several days. At the risk of irritating many who believe that the best kind of getaway involves being close to nature and far away from electronic data waves, I’d opt to hang onto said data waves every time in order to stay in touch with my lovely lady! I would also want to keep on top of emails, social media (if the weather is really rubbish) and at least write, if not publish a blog or two about my travels… So, I paid careful attention to the advice offered by veterans of the outdoor gear exchange group.

Suddenly, amid all the comments one man’s words made sense. One of the few who wasn’t judging me for all my electronic requirements, but actually offering genuine advice…
“Check out the RAVPower 22000mAh,” he said… “Worked for me!”

Do you know what? When somebody makes a drifting comment and leaves it at that, my curiosity is piqued and I’m generally inclined to seek out more info. The guy in question wasn’t forthcoming with further details, just disappeared into the internet ether, so I followed his advice and Googled RAV Power. Hmmm… It seems the gent wasn’t taking advantage or attempting to flog me a nag; other people’s reviews concurred with his comments! *Bargain*

So. I purchased said product and to be honest I am quite delighted with it.

The RAVPower 22000 mAh charging device stands head and shoulders above anything else I’ve used… in fact dare I call it a breakthrough among its peers? I have bought and tried several chargers in the last couple of years, for use on trips when I anticipated being without power for days at a time. I won’t embarrass the manufacturers by mentioning their names, but the products all left me a little upset. They either didn’t deliver anything like the advertised charge, or simply ran out of juice at the wrong moment.

The RAVPower 22000mAh delivers what it says on the tin. It’s by no means the lightest of all power banks I’ve met (13.3ounces/377gms) but it can and does recharge several bits of kit, successively or simultaneously, before running out of charge to give.

I suppose that for those who want to know, I should elaborate…

This device took my mobile phone, tablet and my internet dongle all at the same time (although only two leads come with the product) and recharged the lot from empty to full. Not just once but about three times. I don’t mind admitting that I was shocked. Or rather, thrilled! But that was my experience.

The RAVPower 22000mAh is a formidable piece of kit. It charged my phone, tablet and internet dongle without even a strain. Yes, it may be a little weighty but this is a reliable system that will make a big, positive difference to my hiking for a long time to come.

To the purists, I’m sorry. The back-to-basics, tech-free hiking option certainly does appeal – all the more so when my lady and I are travelling together! However, most of the time I do need to keep my technology close and operational, if only to prove where I am on a hike. The recommendation about this device was a sound one, and I’m truly grateful to the guy who mentioned it. My recent long hike became much less of a chore with the RAV Power pack 22000 mAh in my pack. It proved a very reassuring power source and ensured that wherever there was data, I had the juice to harness it.

The RAVPower 22000 mAh catered for my needs superbly. Below is a link to the RAVPower 22000mAh and a few of its competitors for making your own judgement on which might suit your needs the best!

This post was edited by the lovely Jennifer Lyon whose travel blog can be found by clicking here.

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