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Penguin Platform

It’s here…

To celebrate the 80th birthday of Random House Penguin a new platform has been created and it has all the merit and backing from those of us who simply love literature! Here at Simon’s 10 Q Interviews and in Room 42 we often forget the emerging generation. It’s something noble to teach the younger generation about literature and to give them a platform which they can call their own. In my own efforts I can only skirt around the peripheries of the subject… Personally, I asked a great team of year 5 students to assist me in interviewing the famed Academy Award Winning Nickelodeon and Disney Director Paul Demeyer (Famed for Directing The Rugrats in Paris). They did an incredible job and the interview was included along with 27 other interviews in The Word Volume 1.

Last week I conducted over 30 street interviews at the ‘What’s Your Story Chorley’ event and was amazed at the intellect of one specific youngster who came to listen to my talk and asked the most well thought out questions of my entire speech. Afterwards I interviewed her and her mother for Chorley 102.8 FM to be aired later in the month. It turned out she reads over 20 novels per week! So, where is she going to visit and talk to like minded individuals of within her own age group?

Random House Penguin have worked it out and achieved something way beyond my ability or expectations. They have delivered The Penguin Platform. It’s a great new platform purely for those within the 16-19 year age group. It’s a place this younger generation can call their own and has been designed to deliver news, views and interviews specifically to the YA generation of readers.

Penguin Platform says it will give its readers access to an unrivalled list of authors and an ‘inside look’ into the publishing process; the story behind the story. Bespoke book-related content and experiences, shaped by the tastes and preferences of the teen audience. Personally, I think it’s an excellent idea led by an excellent forward thinking publisher!

Here, why not watch the introductory video by Penguin…

But, that’s not it…why should it be, after all it’s a big birthday for Penguin with 80 years in the business! Another initiative has been to launch 80 Little Black Classics… Check them out as they are rolling out at only 80 pence each!!

little black classics

Yes… I wasn’t kidding 80 pence each!

So, what other innovations are taking place with the Little Black Books? Well, a bit of carnage really, it’s purely in the name of art and a competition was set up to create the best artwork for the Little Black Books. The winners have already been announced and you can check out the amazing creative process by those taking part by watching the Penguin Little Black Classic Artwork Competition Winners video below…

So, whilst that’s about it from me today, you may very well hear more on the subject. Either way get involved, get creative and if you’re in the 16-19 year age group take inspiration from this great innovation and help Penguin celebrate their 80th birthday in style!

Have a great 2015 Penguin!