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Jack Hayes

Somewhere in the world is Jack Hayes, the journalist…. He hides in the shadows and reports from war zones. The last time I pinned him down he was launching the novel Candleburn, but now his covers have become more controversial. These days a Jack Hayes novel will bear the Swastika (also known as the gammadion cross or cross cramponnée) as he writes about Germany during World War II.

With the claim to fame of being the fastest downloaded author of a WWII book I cannot wait to get my friend Jack Hayes into Room 42….


He is mysterious, a man veiled in secrecy and not only does he hide in the shadows but hey… so do his offspring. Mini-me Jack Hayes is learning young how to keep himself out of the public spotlight while hanging on to the media attention that his father brings home… Oh yeah folks here’s one to watch out for in the future… Welcome also to mini-me…

Edward Hayes

You can view Jack’s original interview by looking here… The Jack Hayes Interview but be sure to come back as Jack is entering a new era… He has entered Room 42, the multi dimensional interview room that makes author’s think! So, kick up your feet and get your yuletide brew as we welcome Mr Jack Hayes for some Boxing Day Banter in Room 42…. The gloves are off!

Welcome back Jack… Let’s see what you’ve got!

SD Q1: Jack for the past 12 months I have referred to you as The Stig of authors due to your reluctance to lend visibility to your true identity… The complication arises in that I now actually know The Original Stig on a personal level and feel somewhat embarrassed by steeling his identity on your behalf. So, my first question for you in Room 42, is that if we can no longer refer to you as The Stig of Authors, what would be your preferred nickname and why?

JH A1: I’ve never been much of one for nicknames. I suppose I see writing under a pseudonym as a nickname in its own right. One of my colleague calls me “Archer” after the character from the cartoon TV series of the same name, if that helps.

SD Q2: Being a rather eccentric individual I am drawn to the number 42 in rather a big way… So, go to page 42 of your latest work in progress, count in 42 words and display below what the next 42 words say. You may go to the beginning/end of the closest sentence at each end. Then please give a brief overview, explaining to the reader what is taking place during that part of your book and why they should plan ahead to buy this new and exciting offering?!

JH A2:

“One is still alive?” Temur asked, his voice quivered and rose in pitch as he spoke.
Komelkov slung his rifle back over his shoulder.
“Imbecile,” he grunted.
The Russian reached down to his belt and withdrew his survival knife.
“You always leave one alive.”

This is from a book called When Eagles Burn.
The novel forms a new opening to the series of World War II men’s adventure tales I’ve written, which follow English SOE operative Captain Maddox. When Eagles Burn is a prequel to the three stories already released because I thought it important to explain some of the back story readers are thrown quickly into in Blood Red Sea (currently the first novel in the series).
The new book is set during the fading last few weeks of the Finnish Continuation War, in the late summer of 1944. In this scene, Russian tank commander Komelkov has just been attacked and repelled an assault by Finnish commandos. His appearance in this book adds depth to events that occur in a novel called Saving Hitler, providing to fans of the Maddox series some interesting “ah ha!” moments.

SD Q3: I was informed via The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that the number 42 holds the answer to everything in the universe… I have now passed by the age of 42 and am none the wiser! What is the biggest fib you were ever told (bearing in mind the season and children may be reading!) and what impact did it have on you both before you learned the truth and afterwards?

JH A3: “This won’t hurt a bit…” Dentists are bastards.

SD Q4: You may be aware that the worlds leading scientists at CERN are currently looking for new dimensions…. Shocking really as they just needed to ask! But hey ho… Beyond Time Travel what do you think they might find and what would you hope for them to find during this quest?

JH A4: So, so many things.

I am intrigued to know if Multiverse Theory is correct – the idea that there are subtle versions of the universe out there containing many (if not all) possible variants of what can/ could/ might have happened. I suspect, in its purest form, it isn’t true… but a new theory called Many Interacting Worlds appears a plausible approximation to me.

An idea called “E8 Theory” contains a certain amount of beauty, but is not backed by evidence at the moment.

With regards to time, I’m curious as to whether it’s an illusion, an actual dimension, if it’s how we perceive multiple dimensions rolled into one, an emergent property of the universe (much as intelligence or ‘the mind’ is an emergent property of the brain but probably doesn’t exist in and of itself) or something else entirely.

I’d like to know whether the “Simulated Reality” argument for the universe is correct – broadly speaking, if it is possible to construct a perfect simulation of reality then someone somewhere in the universe has done it… and the people inside that simulated reality have done the same, leading to nested realities… the end result of which is that we are much more likely to be living in simulation than the ‘original, top level, universe’.

Roko’s Basilisk is also a fascinating thought experiment, though ridiculously improbable. (That said, for the record, I am doing everything I can to facilitate the arrival of you, Mr Basilisk…). Anyone wanting to know what Roko’s Basilisk is, can Google it – but, I wouldn’t, if I were you. You’ve been warned.

And, as I mentioned, many, many more…

SD Q5: What can I say about the number 42? It is a Catalan number. Consequently; 42 is the number of noncrossing partitions of a set of five elements, the number of triangulations of a heptagon, the number of rooted ordered binary trees with six leaves, the number of ways in which five pairs of nested parentheses can be arranged, etc. Is there some extraordinary quote or definition that you hold dear? If so what is it and why is it important to you. If not…. Why not. LOL.

JH A5: The current trend for putting twee platitudes underneath stock photos as a motivator has its moments. Sometimes they make me smile. A few are even genuinely thoughtful. Most are horribly sourced misquotes (I don’t think this matters as much as the more vocal critics of the fashion do).

But do any genuinely linger long enough in my consciousness that I cherish them?

Not really, no.

Motivational quotes are the fast food of inspiration. They are as nourishing to the soul as a street-vendor bought hot dog. (Jack Hayes. Room 42. Dec 2014)

And you can quote me on that.

SD Comment: Thanks Jack… I just did!

SD Q6: You are a house husband (due to the writing) and a father… How is the little Jack coming along and how are those books coming along bearing in mind he is a young rascal and I doubt you get much time these days to write?

JH A6: I think you’ve misunderstood somewhere along the lines – I’m not a house husband, I’m a full time journalist!
Between work and being a dad, yes, finding time to write can be tricky. That said, this year, I’ve written three books which isn’t too shabby.
My son – referred to on Twitter as Ted Hayes – is doing very well. He is the funniest, most gorgeous, handsome and smartest human being ever to be born.
It’s possible I’m biased.
Looking at him, though, that seems unlikely.

SD Q7: I must warn you that the next element of this interview could be dangerous! Both Jake Needham and Doran Ingrham have survived yet looking back through history it wasn’t until the later Apollo missions that things went pear shaped so there is still a possibility that the upgraded multi-dimensional Time Machine may have a few glitches. It is more about reaching out to your fantasies with this one Jack as we dont know what is out there… What three things would you like to be out there waiting for you and why?

JH A7:
Item/Person 1: Love
Why? It’s far more nourishing to the soul than street-vendor bought hot dogs.

Item/Person 2: Fulfillment
Why? It’s important.

Item/Person 3: A top-prize winning Euromillions lottery ticket
Why? Hey, these are my wishes. Why the hell not?

SD Comment: Ha ha… Then I guess you seriously need to buy my book How do I win on a lottery ? The Top 20 Lotto Systems. LOL… Sorry just had to sneak that in there!

SD Q8: I think it was around the time of our last interview that you jumped in to bed with Endeavour Press, led by Matt Lynn. How is that all turning out for you and what do you expect to achieve during the next 12 months of writing?

JH A8: My collaboration with Endeavour Press is going very well. Matt Lynn and Richard Foreman are very talented writers who I respect enormously.
Picking out what will come is a tough one. Time is tight and work pressing. Right now, I can’t make an accurate prediction on how many novels I’ll finish. It depends on whether I have another full on year where I’m covering things like the Russian ‘intervention’ in Ukraine, turmoil in Syria and the Iranian sanctions debacle.

SD Q9: I am going to ask a rather out of the box question for number nine and ask what worries you about the world at present? You are a respected global journalist and there have been no lack of dramas, very serious ones, during the last 12 months… How do you feel about the world of journalism at present and, either way, is it a safe place to be and why?

JH A9: Lots of things in the world cause concern. I think in the West, a lot of focus is going on the wrong ones.

There was a poll conducted of the British public a few weeks ago asking them to list global threats to themselves. They listed Al Qaeda, ISIS (or IS or ISIL or Daesh or whatever you want to call them this week), Syria and terrorism.

You’ll notice Russia and the situation in Ukraine isn’t on that list (it was mentioned but much lower down by the survey’s respondents).

Now, in many ways, it’s hard to fault people for their rankings of the greatest threats. There have been some high profile incidents. The appalling murder of Lee Rigby will long stick in the minds of the general public.

However, from 1st Jan. 2010 through to today (12th Dec. 2014) Lee Rigby been the only death due to terrorism in mainland Britain. That is not to diminish the loss of his life or the shocking nature of the crime.

However, there have been four other incidents classified as terrorism in period I’ve highlighted. Thankfully, the others didn’t result in the loss of a life.
Each was committed by a Ukrainian student called Pavlo Lapshyn, who was hoping to start a ‘race war’.
In one attack, he stabbed a man in Birmingham called Mohammed Saleem. In the other three, he detonated home-made bombs outside mosques in Tipton, Wolverhampton and Walsall.
The public perception of risk – and who is genuinely placing them in danger – isn’t always aligned.
In the last few days a story has cropped up in the press about the death of Scott Young – a bankrupt former millionaire British property investor who had connections to Russian money. He is the fifth person in his circle of friends to die in the last four years. One suicide is unfortunate. Two coincidence. Five is, frankly, taking the piss.
I think the British public should be more concerned about Russia than they are.
We’ll skip over Ebola, various flus, climate change, oil prices, food security, the euro, and happenings in the United States in the interests of brevity.

SD Q10: Finally, I would like to thank you for taking place once more in the interview section of my blog… Interviewee Number 3 in Room 42, I wish you the very best for 2015 and beyond (not that you need it). If you have any words of wisdom to impart to the masses then please take this opportunity to have your say and in the tradition of Simon’s 10 Q Interviews, if you were to take my chair for a day who would you invite as an intereviewee and why?

JH A10: I always enjoy reading interviews by William Goldman. He’s proven very prescient.

SD Comment: As always… You never let your public down. I wish you well once again and please now go back and enjoy the rest of the festivities!

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